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Growth Affect CRO

CRO Conversion Audit

CRO Conversion Audit

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Our CRO audit provides an objective review and comprehensive analysis of your online business. We take a systematic and methodical approach to the audit, using detailed qualitative and quantitative criteria to identify key areas of improvement for boosting your conversion rate. Our team of experts has the necessary experience to provide actionable insights and make the most out of your business.

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Before you can think about watching web pages and elements battle it out to see which converts best, you need to understand:

  • Where potential customers are dropping away
  • Why they are doing it
  • How to turn their website pain into pleasure
  • Growth Affect’ Three-Step Conversion Audit process

In a Conversion Audit, your Growth Affect Data Analyst will:

  • Examine your site and track down all your conversion killers
  • Propose improvements that have the biggest impact on your bottom line

These key findings form the building blocks of your CRO process and A/B testing. Your website conversion audit includes:

  • Qualitative (data) and quantitative (conceptual) research
  • Immediate technical fixes required
  • Google Analytics set-up to correctly track your website traffic and events
  • A comprehensive report on each feature of the analysis

A final presentation of all the Analysis findings, detailing the required immediate fixes and proposed future tests and strategy to move you conversion program forward.


In your CRO Conversion Audit, we:


To get you quick ROI, we combine Google Analytics with a technical audit of your website to identify critical tracking and technical issues such as broken links and missing calls-to-actions, in order to make fixes that can be implemented without A/B testing.


User journeys are rich in visitor and customer insights. They uncover demographic and device details, reveal the paths users take through your website to become customers, and pinpoint where others are falling out of your conversion funnel. User Journey analysis provides quantitative data for your future A/B testing and informs our strategy moving forward to achieve high impact results.


After we know where your clients are falling out, we use various qualitative tactics, such as heuristic reviews, customer surveys, NPS scores, competitor reviews, videos and heatmaps to determine why this is happening. Uncovering your user issues is a crucial step in finding solutions that will maximise your conversions.


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